Listen to understand – Dotun blasts all his haters

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Listen to understand – Dotun blasts all his haters

Dotun had conducted an interview with Ubi over the on-going beef with Iyanya and was heard speaking with an accent, an act that annoyed many.

Reacting to all the hate he got over the interview, Dotun took to Twitter saying;

“If you are still bothered about my accent, I am sorry, it won’t change. What you should change is why it bothers you and if it does then come and take this seat and do better. I challenge you. I need you to throw something new at me. This is getting stale”.

He continued saying;
“If I can do this for over 15 years and you are still there passing vile comments when you should be to working hard, putting in your best to knock me off and do better then it is a shame. Listen to understand.”

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